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Hello Dribbblers! This is my design of Daniel Banquo - Personal Website Portfolio.

Feel free to give me some feedback. Press "L" if you love it.

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About the website

In this case, I want to show you guys a little breakdown of what's in this website design, so check this out 🤩

Section 1: Header

It shows to people a quick introduction of who is Daniel Banquo, starting with his role, locations, socials, and his mission along with a clear button (Hire me!) to reach him.

Section 2: Featured works

In this section, this website shows to people of what he's worked through years for several roles based on his client's needs.

Section 3: Expertises

It shows to people his expertise and roles he can offer to the upcoming clients that might need it, with some results of the project's photo he's been worked as those roles, along with the year's experience and portfolios.


It shows -very simple yet important- information to people on this website, and that is . . .

Last but not least

Let me simplify this web design preview, so you won't have to scroll it up and down over again to see the complete design 😃

Thanks for scrolling, appreciate it 💙


Consider collaborating?

Reach us at: hello@keitoto.com | Keitoto | Behance | Instagram | UI8

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